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I started feeding Rider raw food when he was 12 years old. I was very nervous as he was on a low fat diet due to a severe case of pancreatitis. However, when he stopped eating the food that I was getting from my vet, I knew I had to do something. It was only a matter of a couple of weeks when I started to notice significant changes in him. His eyes lost the cloudy look, his teeth started to lose the plaque, and his energy level was increasing. He used to see the doggy chiropractor monthly, now he goes every 3 months for a routine check-up. His mid-section is no longer tight from being bloated and uncomfortable. This means no tightness in the back muscles to make him go out of alignment. His eyes are bright, his teeth plaque free, and he runs with all the big dogs with careless abandon. I firmly believe that feeding raw not only changed his life, but has extended it! Thanks Farah for all the wonderful things you provide and do!

Belinda N.

Belinda N. 17:24:53 07-09-2014

Stella is a 2 1/2 yr old Rottweiler. I have been feeding raw food to my dogs and cat for the past 10 years. I have tried many different sources of raw. When I started with Farah in Aug 2010 I was taken aback by the quality and freshness of her products. Until then my dogs could never eat chicken other than butcher bought. When I served RawPaw’s chicken my dogs ate it with gusto and never turned back. I was amazed and SOLD!! The selection of RawPaw products along with the knowledge and service is hands down the best in town!!! As the owner of Le Pet Spa in Montreal I can honestly say that RawPaw is the way to go. Thanks Farah!


Carla 17:22:27 07-09-2014
Miles & Willow

Our GSDs, Miles & Willow, have been eating raw for years. Being large dogs, it was a struggle to afford & we were always concerned with the lack of variety… When Miles began to lose interest in his food we decided to look in to RawPaw. The variety was incredible, and we were shocked at the low prices. I spoke to Farah and was so relieved to finally have a raw feeding expert to address my concerns and answer my questions… and I had a lot of questions! The dogs LOVE their food. Their “neck night” is a particular favorite. Watching them eat real food is so primal and so satisfying. As a groomer I see the consequences of a poor diet – rotten teeth, obesity, poor coat, ear infections etc., etc… I am optimistic that raw feeding will slowly become mainstream as long as there are passionate advocates like Farah offering a smart, affordable alternative to kibble. Thanks Farah!

Lori & Kirk

Lori & Kirk 17:20:14 07-09-2014

Meet our little Phoebe! We got her at 8 weeks and first tried her on kibble, which she was reluctant to eat. She would nibble a little and then walk away from her dish. We could tell she was still hungry so we then switched to canned wet food. This seemed a bit better at first but she still ate very little. We were concerned that she was lacking nutrients at this critical growth stage. We decided to try her on a raw diet to see if she would take to that better. We were shocked at how enthusiastic she became about eating! She began to lick her bowl clean every meal. In addition, she immediately had more energy and her stool was smaller and had less odor. We are so grateful for being introduced to RawPaw with their ongoing care, guidance and support. It has truly enhanced Phoebe’s health and well-being!

Jenny S.

Jenny S 17:15:23 07-09-2014
Lucy & Lulu

Let me introduce you to Lucy and Lulu, or as I like to call them my 2 monsters! I’ve transitioned both of my kitties to raw about 1.5 years ago, and it was the best decision I ever made.They LOVE RawPaw’s pure beef heart and all I have to say is “are you hungry?” – they go beyond ballistic. Before putting them on raw, I had them on high quality cat food, but Lulu was consistently throwing up and leaving me little “presents”. Ever since moving them to raw, Lulu has lost that excess weight, has stopped throwing up and acts like a kitten – she’s 6!. They both have so much more energy (hence the “monster” nickname), shed less and their litter is less stinky (added bonus)I really feel that I am giving my 2 monsters the best possible food to keep them healthy and with me as long as possible. Thank you Farah, like I always tell you, “you rock!”

Vicki H.

Vicki H 17:12:26 07-09-2014

Cela ne fait que quelques années que j’ai réalisé mon rêve: avoir le privilège d’être gardienne d’un fidèle compagnon. J’ai toujours fait tout en mon pouvoir pour offrir ce qu’il y a de mieux à ma meilleure amie, Alice la teckel. Comme beaucoup, je suivais à la lettre les conseils de mon vétérinaire. Pourtant, Alice avait toujours des problèmes de santé; reins, vessie, digestion et j’en passe. Malgré les soins du vétérinaire, rien ne changeait vraiment mis à part l’épaisseur de mon porte-feuille…C’est après de nombreuses recherches que j’ai pris la décision de nourrir Alice avec de la viande crue. J’étais plutôt insécure car cela me semblait tellement compliqué et j’avais peur de faire les choses tout croche. Alors il va de soi que lorsque j’ai découvert RawPaw, j’étais extrêmement enthousiaste et reconnaissante de leur existence! J’ai donc pris contact avec eux et ai rencontré Farah à l’entrepôt. Alice et moi avons été accueillie comme des amies et non pas comme des clientes. Farah a pris tout le temps nécessaire pour répondre à mes questions – elle m’a même guidé dans le choix d’une balance pour peser la viande – puis m’a aidé à concocter un menu pour Alice que nous avons adapté avec le temps selon ses goûts et besoins. Depuis, nous avons dit adieu aux pépins de santé d’Alice et jamais je n’ai vu ma petite aussi en forme! Et mon dieu que son poil est doux et lustré! Pour tout cela, RawPaw gardera toujours une place spéciale dans mon coeur. Farah, Aaron – un grand merci pour votre gentillesse, votre patience et votre support.

Alice 17:04:59 07-09-2014