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Dante & Tiloup

Loup-Loup is a 4 year old female. Dante is a 3 year old boy. They are both mixed breeds of unknown origin that we got from different pounds, one in Vermont, the other in Montreal. Though we were raw food believers right from the start, and used “commercially” available raw food products, the difference when we started on RawPaw was very noticeable. Even though we were supplementing with wild salmon oil and other supplements, when we made the switch there was a VERY noticeable difference in their coats – much softer, but also more shine. Their eyes too, just glow now. Best of all, Loup-Loup would get really finicky about her food, and would often choose not to eat. Since we’ve been serving her RawPaw, she’s super excited when dinner comes out, especially if there is Green Tripe involved. It’s also a really great feeling to see the consistent awesome quality of the food you deliver. I really feel like there is no better option for the dogs, and we’ve stopped supplementing them outside of the food we buy from you. They are happier, healthier, and shinier! Thanks so much Farah.

17:22:54 09-09-2011