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Our puppy Cooper has been exclusively on raw since the day we brought him home from the breeder, and we have never looked back! We had dogs on premium dry dog food before, but given I'm a physician, the more I heard and read about raw the more convinced I was it was the only way to go. 

Cooper devours his food at every meal - there is never a spec left in his bowl. He is happy and energetic and his coat has an incredibly silky sheen to it. Before embarking on raw we were a bit intimidated that it could turn out to be difficult to maintain. Thanks to RawPaw it truly couldn't be easier as they have supported us every step of the way. 

We feel great knowing that Cooper is getting the best nutrition, the same way we strive to do that for the rest of our family :)

Cooper’s mom, Dubravka Diksic, MD


Cooper’s mom 17:13:39 04-09-2013