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Kayco & Kess

We have 2 friendly GSDs that deserve all the best... The first one, Kayco, will turn 8 in April 2013 and the second one, Kess, is 2.
Both were losing interest in their food - we had to beg them to eat at every meal. We would also pretend to give their dinner to the cat to force them to eat... Guess what it did not work!
The oldest had health issues and we were very concerned. Allergies, hair loss, calcium deposits on her spine, ear infections and a pancreatic insufficiency which affects a lot of GSDs. They had unbelievable gas and frequent diarrhea especially for the oldest - (she needs enzymes at every meal). First we met Dr. Catherine Lavoie, a Chiropractor for animals. She did and still does a treatment for Kayco every 2 weeks. When she felt that we were ready :-), she talked to us about the raw food and referred us to Farah... that was the best thing that happened in our dog’s life in a long time. It took 10 days to see amazing results, after 1 month we saw Kayco’s energy returned and the appetite was unbelievable. Her hair loss decreased and her allergy problems were 80% solved. Green lipped mussel added to her food also helped her with her spine. Since we made the switch to RawPaw, no gas, no diarrhea and their coat shines. Both are maintaining their body weight at 95 pounds (no fat)... don't forget these are females! That was an amazing team work... thanks to Catherine and Farah for their fabulous attention and services :-)

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Kess & Kayco


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